Do you, Send e- mails to friends or family all over the world, Run your business on a computer at home, Have college assignments, children's homework or their exam course work, Your children's or grandchildren's first computer sketches,Have photographs of family or friends, Have name & address only used occasionally, Have spreadsheets that are just the way you want them.

Tbak backup software does the hard work, leaving you to choose which files to backup & the backup software will do the rest!


Data backup is something that most people wish they had done when it's too late. Time & again regular data backup saves time, stress & tears. In the examples below what would you do & how would you get your data back?

  • is attacked by a virus?
  • has liquid split on it?
  • hard drive crashes?
  • has file corruption?
  • is repaired, but data cannot be recovered....

What if you:

  • delete your household accounts?
  • overwrite a directory?
  • by accident or in error,
  • Download or run harmful code
  • open bad e-mails, you wish......

Data loss is easily avoided with Tbak Online Backup. You would simply be able to restore those lost files.

We guide you through set up & then create your backup account. Just a few minutes later you will be ready to backup your files.