Tbak provides Carrier Grade infrastructure enabling us to maintain the highest levels of service availability for all inbound and outbound data traffic.


N + 1


Controlled Environment

Fire Detection / Suppression



Building Management System

A central component of our data centre's design philosophy, N+1 provision allows us to provide the resilient operating environments our customers demand.

With one stand-by unit in addition to the normal requirement for each operational need, Tbak's customers benefit by minimising the risk of disruption to their business. To operate this power strategy, our standard service includes:

two separate mains power feeds

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) delivered through batteries or UPS generators

Spare UPS units

Spare generator units

Sufficient fuel on site to run for days rather than hours, in case of an emergency

Re-fuelling contracts to ensure timely replacement fuel

Power Monitoring Systems and Building Monitoring Systems to provide alarms and diagnostics in the event of discrepancies from the 'norm'

Planned preventative maintenance to ensure equipment is constantly maintained, tested and remains 'ready to go'